Sunday, April 17, 2005

Fix for "Delaying eth0 initialization" error message

> When I start up RedHat Linux 6.0!~
> and When "Bring up eth0"
> It said:
> "Delaying eth0 initialization"
> and when I type "ifup eth0"
> It also said:
> "Delaying eth0 initialization"
> How to fix this problem?

Check your /etc/conf.modules
Most likely, it doesn't contain an alias for your Ethernet-adapter.
That should be something like : alias eth0 hp100
In my case it's hp100 because I have a HP-networkcard.
You should also check in /var/log/dmesg whether the kernel actually
detects the networkcard.

NOTE: in later Linux versions /etc/conf.modules has been renamed to
/etc/modules.conf (contains loadable modules like NIC driver,
sound card driver, etc)
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